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Several in the prophetic movement are talking about why God is still going to come through and plunk Trump in the White House. Marky Mark Driscoll hasnt said a word about the Trumpistas attempted coup. Many Americans first became aware of the existence of Christian prophets in the wake of the 2016 election when most were left slack-jawed by Trumps surprise victory, but a handful of Christians claimed that God had told them it would happen. When Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States, these prophets predictions became verifiably false. Normally, this humdrum part of the election process would come and go unnoticed. The coalition has been so broad, in fact, that some Christian leaders within it would not only refrain from platforming each other but actively speak out against one another as false teachers. Featured at the event was prosperity preacher Kenneth Copeland. Others held out hope that somehow Trump would find a way to win in order to save Americas future, not to mention their public reputations. Yea sometimes but I think he was just trying to be cool and funny and just a weird awkward position he's in. Another such leader, Televangelist Kenneth Copeland, laughed at the media for calling the election for Mr Biden on Saturday. . J. Gordon Melton, religion professor at Baylor University and compiler of the respected Encyclopedia of American Religions, counted at least 40 influential Christian prophets who foretold a Trump triumph. Televangelist Kenneth Copeland once said he owns three private jets because he doesn't want to fly commercial with "demons." The 82-year-old angrily denied the remarks to Inside Edition's . As a senior associate minister at Californias 11,000-member Bethel Church, a swarm of eager believers received the pastors prophecy as Gods unshakeable will. Our goal is to provide local Lancastrians with an alternative to current news sources by delivering topnotch reporting that presents the news in an honest and ethical manner that is accurate and reliable and examines all sides of the issues we address. They told their followers that God had told them that Trump would win. Please enter your username or email address to reset your password. In 1900s Los Angeles, Aimee Semple McPherson broadcast news-style reports of miracles and prophetic words over her own radio station in Echo Park. Youre my president, you know, Copeland said to Trump before exiting the stage. fools, Take note! "For almost 50 years, Fred and Betty Price have been wonderful . And they predicted another sweeping victory for Mr. Trump in 2020. Texas-based televangelist Kenneth Copeland has made no secret of his support for Republican nominee Donald Trump in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. This week on Believer's Voice of Victory, join Kenneth Copeland and Stephen Strang, founder and CEO of Charisma magazine, as they discuss Stephen's new book, God, Trump, and the 2020 Election.Find out why God has called Donald Trump to the presidency, why your role as a voter is so important, and the glaring differences between the party platforms. Now lets get back to the anti-abortion battle by declaring that fetuses equal actual pweshus baybeeeez, so our followers think abortions are actual real live murders of infants! They receive messages directly from the Divine and are then tasked with relaying those messages to the world without alteration. She co-founded Kenneth Copeland Ministries with her husband and served as one of President Donald Trump's evangelical ministers. Even Mitch McConnell seems completely on board with her plan. close. For one thing, many of these prophets arent living in caves and deserts like their biblical forebears. He declared in October that God told him without question, Trump is going to win the election. (Robertson added that there would be assassination attempts in Trumps second term, and that the apocalypse would follow in the form of an asteroid smashing into Earth. That makes Jeffress' column all the more notable. Hi and welcome back! The list includes Franklin Graham, Kenneth Copeland, Paul Crouch, Jentezen Franklin, Robert Jeffress, John MacArthur, Guillermo Maldonado, Al Mohler, James Robison, Don Stewart and Paula White. . Trinity Broadcasting Network said it will no longer air shows from controversial televangelist Kenneth Copeland starting in October as part of a series of upcoming programming changes at the international Christian television network. Kenneth Copeland Prays For Donald TrumpPennsylvania Trump RallyNovember 5, 2022Latrobe, PA#Trump #TrumpRally #KennethCopeland (I personally do believe the election was stolen, Mr. Strang said. So I wasnt surprised to see his Twitter (or what I think is his Twitter, anyway) quiet. That was 25 years ago. Despite all that, Mr. Strang worried something had gone awry. The bigness of Trump's theological tent was on display on Saturday (Nov. 5), when he held a campaign rally in Pennsylvania to support Republican senate candidate Mehmet Oz and Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano. In 2011, Trump called Pastor Paula White-Caine and, after . Over the past five years, he had hitched his professional fate to the Trump presidency, in a particularly cosmic way: promoting, almost daily, the claim that Trumps rise to power was predestined by God. Charisma did not recognize Mr. Biden as president-elect until after the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol and the congressional certification of Mr. Bidens victory. The supernatural and mass media have long been fused in the story of Pentecostalism. Those prophecies may have sounded ridiculous, he wrote later, but Trump was elected, just as the prophets had said., In the next months, the Trump administration brought a cohort of Pentecostal leaders closer to the halls of power than ever before. At any given time, she's running out of bookcase space. Televangelist Kenneth Copeland spoke for about five minutes at a Donald Trump rally in Latrobe, Pa., on Nov. 5. Trump lost. The only way to protect ourselves from these false prophets is to return to the Bibles ancient standard: one failed prophecy and youre out of business. The two met only once, for a brief interview in Florida. And its gonna be ugly but its gonna be the Lord, Vallotton said in November of 2019, as Trump faced his impeachment trial. That wont lead to shocking violence again this year. But we can only speculate for now. You can also click the in the lower left of the video player to see a complete list of all Points of Interest from this program - click on any moment in the list and the video will play. KENNETH COPELAND MINISTRIES - NIGHT. This spring, the media mogul Stephen E. Strang made an unusual apology to readers in the pages of his glossy magazine. As Michael Brown, a leader in the prophetic movement since the 1990s, told Julia Duin in Religion Unplugged, I believe many leaders looked at Trump as some kind of political messiah who would fight our battles, give the church back its voice, and on and on. I dont think itll even takemuchtime. And now look what had happened and very obviously because of their idols deliberate rabble-rousing. It was a step too far for them. Glenn Beck is citing a dream that he thinks may have been a prophetic vision to claim that "Satan himself" is a participant in the 2020 presidential election. I have a love-hate relationship with Thanksgiving Day. She needed these invisible African warrior angels to fight invisible battles against invisible enemies to ensure that Donald Trump would somehow win the election that hed already lost. But his statement could also easily be nothing but a bunch of dogwhistles meant to reassure his very excitable flock that hed be fine with Trump stealing the election. Everybody in the front row knows me. Patheos has the views of the prevalent religions and spiritualities of the world. <3, (Last thoughts:When I heard that Mike Pence was the one who ordered the National Guard to deploy to the Capitol instead of Trump, I immediately suspected that Pence had to do Trumps job for him because Trump was absolutely incoherent with rage right then or else trying to talk everyone around him out of stopping what sure looks like an attempted coup. Trump's white, so-called "Christian" supporters did nothing to challenge, let alone condemn, his lies about the 2020 presidential election. THERE ARE THINGS THIS GREAT STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA, LIBERTY WAS BORN HERE. This includes participating in marches or rallies in support of a movement or giving money to, or raising money for, any political candidate or election cause. Without the break, Copeland would otherwise have an annual property tax exceeding $150,000. As the polls closed in November 2016, most mainstream news outlets scrambled to explain how projections for a big Hillary Clinton victory had been so off. Indeed, back in November Paula White was busily slashing at invisible enemies with an invisible spear while calling for her invisible wizard friend Jesus to send invisible warriors to America. With experience in pastoral ministry as well as the corporate marketing world, he is also a blogger and podcaster who is passionate about helping people tackle ancient truths in everyday settings. And so, on Election Day 2020, Mr. Strang flew to Texas to appear on the livestream of one of his friends, the televangelist Kenneth Copeland. He was reacting as all the major networks called the election for Biden as he passed the key 270 electoral vote threshold to win. Beyond the spiritual test of unrealized prophecies, there are very earthly stakes here: Under Mr. Strangs stewardship, Charisma had grown from a church magazine to a multipronged institution with a slew of New York Times best sellers, millions of podcast downloads and a remaining foothold in print media, with a circulation of 75,000 for its top magazine. Hes gonna bring it to a close. The bigness of Trumps theological tent was on display on Saturday (Nov. 5), when he held a campaign rally in Pennsylvania to support Republican senate candidate Mehmet Oz and Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano. . Who can forget the video of televangelist Kenneth Copelands manic laughter in mockery of those who believed Biden had actually won? Mr. Strang interviewed repentant prophets, such as Mr. Johnson, who shut his ministry after Mr. Trump was not re-elected. No, he said. During services at his Eagle Mountain International Church on Sunday, prosperity gospel preacher and Trump evangelical adviser Kenneth Copeland declared that hatred toward President Donald Trump had opened this nation to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak but that the outbreak will soon be over because Christians' prayers "have overwhelmed it." . But Mr. Strang felt vindicated. In addition, I noticed these tweets from Russell Moore, a big name with the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC): I feel the need to offer some possibly-illuminating backstory here: A few years ago, Russell Moore almost lost his job over criticizing Donald Trump. Editorial meetings would focus on looking for what one former employee called the spiritual heat behind the headlines of the day. Dale Chamberlain (M.Div) is Content Manager for ChurchLeaders. Copeland, who leads Kenneth Copeland Ministries, rose to prominence within the charismatic movement but has also received denunciation for his unorthodox theology. Since Donald Trump is indeed the reason why those attacks occurred, its good that any evangelicals understand that and are willing to speak the truth about it. Please have your Passports Ready. Power is the language they speak as well as the only thing they care about. Second. Some in the movement are still holding out for some kind of last-minute miracle from God that would magically reverse the election and install Trump as president on Jan. 20. Mr. Strang wrote three more glowing books about the president, including God, Donald Trump and the 2020 Election. In one chapter, the book explored the possibility that Mr. Trump could lose, but it came down squarely on the side of a preordained victory. He capitulated, his job was saved, and he walked a careful line ever afterward. Belarusian partisans are involved in sabotage at the Machulishchy airbase in Belarus, as a result of which a Russian military aircraft was damaged. For Trump, that includes a special category for religious leaders. With Trump standing behind him, Copeland, 86, spoke to the audience members about George Washington, voting, and the need for energy independence in America. Todays Christian prophets blending of religion and nationalism reminds me of the essay the late Jewish scholar Martin Buber wrote after false prophets fled Nazi Germany to teach at Hebrew University in Jerusalem: False prophets are not godless. Click here to continue reading. They adore the god of success, Buber wrote. But time will reveal what he means. However, events that took place over the weekend seemed to indicate growing fissures in that once impassable unity of approval, with Florida governor Ron DeSantis emerging as heir apparent over leadership of the Republican party, as well as the white evangelical support that comes with it. And if you dont vote, hush for at least two years. Such is the influence of Kenneth Copeland. Before the 2016 election, Copeland said that Christians who did not vote for Trump would be guilty of murder, referring to the pro-choice stance of Hillary Clinton. like the Trump campaign attorney Kenneth Chesebro and the Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark. As for Donald Trump, hed never have gotten elected without that shift. Monthly readership of the Charisma website rose to somewhere between two and three million, Mr. Berglund said. I try to do that anyway, but this time I knew it was extra-important since tweets are mostly text. And it's gonna be ugly but it's gonna be the Lord," Vallotton said in November of 2019, as Trump faced his impeachment trial. ThatTimesarticle contains a lot of criticism from a whole lot of Republicans, but that stood out to me. Stories like Taylors and Parrots were like catnip to the prophetic community. Want to bookmark your favourite articles and stories to read or reference later? Join our commenting forum. Again, I am not making that claim I don't know if that's true or not but Greg Locke says is very adamantly and tells Copeland to sue him if he's wrong. These prophets werent exactly playing the odds. Beck says that he had the dream twice, and was told by an unnamed spiritual leader not to ignore it. For Mr. Strang, the last year presented the following question: When you are in the business of prophecy, what do you do when prophecy fails? At this time, Charismas staff was producing 15 stories a day, many related to the election. In the Christian tradition, prophets are something like Gods carrier pigeons. STR8 STFU. After a weekslong bout with COVID-19 left famed televangelist Frederick K.C. (For those who use visual aids: Ive put these tweets contents into alt/description text fields. He tries hard to avoid direct questions about Donald Trump, because thats not his brand. Jeffress, for his part, is a major Trump supporter who has been invited to numerous White House events since Trump took office. Mr. Strangs boosters and critics often portray the company as a large and influential entity, and by most available metrics it does command a relatively large audience for a religious publisher. In 2019, one poll found that more than half of white Pentecostals believed Mr. Trump to be divinely anointed, with additional research pointing to the importance of so-called prophecy voters in the 2016 election. Mr. Strangs new book was given a fitting debut at a megachurch rally in Michigan in late August, which was in part sponsored by Charisma and featured a lineup of conservative personalities who decried state health mandates over the course of the weekend. And Robertson is still broadcasting. This extreme demonization of ones political opponents is toxic to our political culture, Mr. Montgomery said. A small number of evangelical leaders already didnt like Donald Trump. But this time, this certification must have felt to his worshipers like a super-official last step to transferring the Presidency to their tribal enemies. Voting is a sacred trust, he said. This decree, the Lord is gonna step in sovereignly. Paula White, one of Trumps religious advisors and quite a whackadoo in her own right, also denounced the Capitol attack: Gosh, she sounds almost compassionate here. RELATED: Donald Trump Is Openly Embracing QAnon, Say Critics, Who Cite Messiah-Like Status, Deeply Weird Hand Gestures, Alluding to a possible campaign, Trump said, Today, I have the highest poll numbers Ive ever hadperhaps partly because the Democrats are doing so badly running our country and people want our tremendous success of no inflation, energy independence, military victory.. The 85-year-old pastor's house spans 18,000 square feet and is made up of six bedrooms and six . Wolff noted in his respected book Confrontations with Prophets, The false prophet makes things easier for his listeners.. Pro-Trump evangelical Copeland's strange performance has gone viral, being viewed more than 9million times on Twitter. At Charisma, he fused the marketplace, faith and entrepreneurship.. He mused, God has plans and purposes we dont understand.. Evangelical leader Kenneth Copeland said opponents of President Trump could be "punished" with gay children. The most popular prophets in America effortlessly fill professional sports arenas, appear atop the New York Times bestsellers list and have millions on their mailing lists. Mark Taylor, a retired firefighter from Florida, famously predicted a Trump presidency five years prior. Ninety-year-old televangelist and Christianitys crazy uncle, Pat Robertson, predictably snagged a piece of the prophetic action, too. public election, Latrobe | 5.3K views, 246 likes, 73 loves, 150 comments, 111 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Washington Examiner: Televangelist Kenneth Copeland Ministries spoke at Saturday's. So you combine these two and you had the most popular articles on the site.. Trump flags billowed outside next to QAnon merchandise, and top billing went to MAGA stalwarts like Michael Flynn and Roger Stone. (Copeland has repeatedly falsely proclaimed an end to the coronavirus pandemic.) Please consider becoming one of my monthly patrons viaPatreon with Roll to Disbelievefor as little as $1/month! Many are also politically outspoken, which means that they can potentially influence election outcomes. REvil is known to have released legitimate documents stolen from companies into the public, and has previously threatened President Trump. In 2016, he was on the Advisory Board put . I went to the White House zero times.. His new gig, the pseudo-think-tank and culture-war hopefulFalkirk Center, has a Parler presence. Right now, evangelical leaders goal is to soothe their flocks while maintaining whatever base of power theyve cultivated over the past few years and to grab power from their competitors if they can. . If you find a picture in this post that I forgot to alt-text, please let me know in comments.). Kenneth Copeland is a pro-Trump preacher worth an estimated $760million. First, lets check out Franklin Graham. Peter Montgomery, a senior fellow at Right Wing Watch, called Mr. Strangs work harmful pro-Trump propagandizing because it cast political battles as holy wars. The commenting system is from ViaFora, ", "SO much great content here accumulated over the years", The Capitol Attack and Evangelical Leaders Reactions to It. spiritual advisers to the president of the United States himself. In a 40-second-long video uploaded to the Right . Distancing themselves as far as possible from their own tribes rhetoric and conspiracy theories. Reactions to Kenneth Copeland at Trump Rally, DeSanctimonious Comment Indicate Growing Divide From the now-infamous Access Hollywood leaked tape to actions that may have directly contributed to a. , it has long appeared that there is nothing former president Donald Trump could do to lose support among white evangelicals. Dont be disturbed when people accuse you of thinking youre God, Copeland claimed Jesus prophesied through him. We wont back off from the prophets.. I havent seen anything lately out of James MacDonald either. Copeland is a blight on the church and yet being super-successful has its perks, namely speaking at the recent Trump rally. Cause the Lord wants it, he went on, explaining that I am commissioned by God to do this today. According to NBC, various Republicans who still lick Donald Trumps boots had already planned to object to this certification process without evidence, remember. When you are in the business of prophecy, what do you do when prophecy fails? The media said Joe Biden is President said Mr Copeland, followed by a chorus of "hahahahaha . Televangelist Kenneth Copeland attended the dinner and shared his thoughts with me in an interview for my "Strang Report" podcast. Former President Trump gave remarks at a rally supporting Republicans running in Pennsylvanias 2022 midterm elections, including gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano and U.S. Senate nominee Dr. Mehmet Oz. Tweets & replies. Trumpreallywanted to win this election. 2023 National Cable Satellite Corporation, C2022: Fmr. Kenneth Copeland Ministries / Wikicommons. There was no more room for debate. On a bad one, its about the furthest thing from their mind. That last bit about his loyalty being first to God and then to country really irks me. And lets not forget Pat Robertson, who predicted in 1976 that the world would end in 1982. Mr. Strangs longtime acquaintance Paula White, a televangelist from Florida, became a spiritual adviser to Mr. Trump. And I believe the Lords gonna give him another term. And I answer to Uncle Sam, you know, with the I.R.S.. Kenneth | Image credit: Ghana News. President Trump Campaigns for Pennsylvania Republicans, Introductory Speakers at Former President Trump Rally in Pennsylvania, Former President Trump Campaigns for Pennsylvania Republicans, Dr. Mehmet Oz Remarks at Trump Rally for Pennsylvania Republicans. MyPayPal is an underscore in there) for one-time tips. And todays Christian prophets whove been able to miss and miss again without losing their power, platforms, or money-making ministries have every reason to keep hearing whats in their material interests. Former President Trump gave remarks at a rally supporting Republicans running in Pennsylvania's 2022 midterm . (Kenneth Copeland, Substitution and Identification (Kenneth Copeland Ministries, 1989)), tape #00-0202, side 2. While we wait until January to determine our next US President, observe the stunning blindness and hypocrisy in the body of Christ Christians who voted for the shedding of innocent blood, the Equality Act, and anti-Israel legislation (ALL things God HATES) are now picking up stones to persecute prophets who supposedly missed it, wrote Mr Johnson in a post to his followers.

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