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American-Rails.com collection. From there the anthracite was moved down theLehigh and Delaware Rivers (later operated as part of the Lehigh and Delaware Canals) via barge to Philadelphia. August, 1977. Packer became a successful operator and builder of canal boats for the LC&N, a strange twist for an individual who later earned his wealth in the railroad industry. To search the Erie database, visit my Erie Railroad page. LV - Lehigh Valley Includes listings for Geneva Ithaca & Savre RR. if you are stuck in someone else's frame. Today its assets are held by Trustmark Corporation. This property was located on the south side of East 149th Street and west of River Avenue. Revenue Its plan was similar to the LV's but its promoters' hopes never made it beyond a bit of grading work. Seniority Roster of Section and Extra Gang Foreman & Assistant Foreman. Green Mountain. Smoldering remains of the Lehigh Valleys Rochester Jct. station after the fire on Easter Sunday (4-22-1973). After a brief wait, along came this eastbound led by an ABA set of F-7's. The train wasn't moving particularly fast but it was rocking noticeably from side to side. Now part of the Lehigh Valley Trail. Lehigh Valley PA-1 #604 is seen here stopped at Bethlehem Union Station during the 1950s. A&K Track Materials picking up rail just east of ex Lehigh Valley Railroad Rochester Jct. Lehigh Valley railroad wreck at Rush, NY. 1950 built S-12 #243 idles at the west end of Coxton Yard, Duryea, PA It appears the cab-end truck on Lehigh Valley C420 #411 has picked a switch point, thereby dragging the two adjacent locomotives off the rails as well. Also, railroads began forming Veterans Associations as early as 1900. Tracks have been partially torn up, crossing signals have been removed at this grade crossing, which is route 251. During 1871 the LV acquired the Morris Canal, which provided it waterfront property in Jersey City although the railroad still required building its own rails to the area. Mile Square Road grade crossing. The Valley was running shorter trains at this point. View is east. Lehigh Valley Rochester Junction, early 1970s. Fallen Flags and Historic Roads Bing [Bot] Fox River Valley Railroad: 1: GCRY: Grand Canyon Railway: 1: GEXR: Goderich & Exeter: 3: GMRC: Green Mountain RR: 3: GN: Great Northern: 12: GNW: GNW: 1: GRS: GRS: 1: GT: Number 568 is leading here. Originally founded in 1846 as the Delaware, Lehigh, Schuylkill, and Susquehanna Railroad Company, it changed its name to Lehigh Valley in 1853. View is to the east. The company began operations in 1901, as an urban trolley and interurban rail transport company. The local came into RJ as BPL-6. Industrial It completed the transition in 1951. While the station was gone in 1973, the canopies, which you see in the photo to the left, remained until they were torn down by Conrail in 1985 when they removed the track. Over 2 million railroad and train related photographs from all over the US. Local Freight Schedules, probably 1975 (331K PDF file*) Source: Glenn Fisher, Regular Assigned Yard Jobs, 10-28-75(116K PDF file*) Source: Glenn Fisher, Locomotive Assignment Roster, 10-21-75(1199K PDF file*) Source: Glenn Fisher. Note that search results for some last names are truncated to the first 5 letters. Morgan's firm remained in control long after his death, during which time the LV was a well-managed, profitable operation. Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/2/2023. It is now painted in COP RR colors and . Terry Hotel at Rochester Junction. Note the open phone cabinet extreme left. As he continued pushing rails westward a segment of an old canal operation was acquired, known as theNorth Branch Division of the Pennsylvania Canal (or North Branch Canal), in 1866. Lehigh Valley eastbound Apollo crossing 3 track bridge over Honeoye Creek, just west of Rochester Junction, 1974. Thanks also to the Honeoye Falls Town of Mendon Historical Society for several of these. Guardrails still in place. Today, only . |John Wilkes this was taken 2 years after the Lehigh Valley shut down, 1978. While many private railroad shops had the machinists, boilermakers, electricians and heavy shop facilities to produce their own locomotives (and many did just that), the majority of steam locomotives and virtually all diesels were produced by the major builders. Note station still stands. costs. Seniority Roster of Crossing Watchman. Conrail local EX-1 arriving at ex Lehigh Valley Railroad Rochester Jct. This guide highlights organizations in Michigan hosting train rides during the fall season. It is an excellent resource with thousands of historic maps on file throughout the country. Our hope is that these photographs will give you an appreciation for what key locations along our trail looked like, decades ago. 19932022 Mendon Foundation, Inc. All rights reserved. It is about to cross West Bloomfield Road. Creator: Lehigh Valley Railroad Company Quanitities: 6 cubic feet. Duplicate Slide LV #311 EMD GP38AC Lehigh Valley 1970s ROSTER | Collectibles, Transportation, Railroadiana & Trains | eBay! Lehigh Valley PA-1's, led by #603, have train #8, the eastbound "Maple Leaf," hustling through South Plainfield, New Jersey on a fall morning, circa 1952. Trailer Train MTTX Flatcar #91225 ROSTER 1980 Original Kodachrome. Available from the publisher online at. This view looks east from inside the interlocking tower, with the station behind the photographer. Copyright 2007-2023 American-Rails.com. | Removing the crossing signals at Mile Square Road in Mendon, NY on the Lehigh Valley Railroad. This is between Quaker Meeting House Road and Rochester Junction. Later this month, the RailRiders begin a home schedule that currently features 16 giveaways, 12 fireworks nights, six custom jerseys, four Copa de la Diversin games and much more! If Joe was involved in some way in a major railroad accident that resulted in deaths or injuries, he may be included in an online database maintained by the Department of Transportation. Unfortunately, the LV lived a roller-coaster existence throughout the 20th century. |LV History This GP38-2 was built by EMD for the Lehigh Valley Railroad in Nov. 1972 and delivered in Cornell red as number 323. Late afternoon, February 23, 1973. on March 30, 1976. Please check back often, as we will be adding photos on a regular basis; the newest additions will always be at the top (current total: 186). Did not matter as the mainline was no longer being used, just the Rochester Branch. Unfortunately, the DLS&S was having difficulty raising capital, in part due to the efforts of the LC&N. These were Rochester branch tracks that came off the mainline tracks at Rochester Junction. competitive in various ways: While these innovations and ideas were somewhat successful they could not stem the enormous losses mounting by the late 1960s; there was simply too many railroads and not enough traffic. Remains of the Lehigh Valley Railroad Rochester Jct. 3 track bridge over Honeoye Creek, just west of the Lehigh Valleys Rochester Junction. Rail removed from the road and crossing signals removed. Revenue The Rahway Valley Railroad (RV) was a short-line railroad that operated in northern New Jersey from 1897 until its closure in 1992. The Lehigh Valley Railroad Historical Society will hold a history program about the Lehigh Valley Railroad at the station museum at 8 East High Street in Shortsville, New York, on Sunday, April 16, 2023, from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Required fields are marked *. The Lehigh Valley Railroad Bronx Terminal was located on the Harlem River as were the three other Harlem River offline terminals. This is now Mendon Station Park. Paul Templeton photo, Lehigh Valley Railroad westbound train With Alco C420 "Yellowjacket" in the lead, at Mile Sqaure Road grade crossing east of Mendon, NY on March 8 1973. I have put together some listings of Wisconsin and Michigan railroad employees gleaned from 1890 city directories. 1950s. This is now part of the Lehigh Valley Trail. Lehigh Valley Railroad - RAILROAD.NET Lehigh Valley Railroad Discussion related to the Lehigh Valley Railroad and predecessors for the period 1846-1976. I stumbled upon some a few years ago for eight Milwaukee Road employees when a railfan friend passed along to me some documents he had acquired. The Lehigh Valley had been gone for two years at this point. Date and photographer unknown. The Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum is home to the largest collection of historic trains and operating vintage diesel locomotives in New York State! Lehigh Valley RR e/b train, probably LV-4, passing through Mendon, NY on February 4, 1976. The financial Panic of 1893 ended these dreams after the company fell into bankruptcy, resulting in the LV regaining its independence. Norfolk and Western 611 is one of the railroad's beautiful 4-8-4 J's. He may have been an engineer on crack passenger trains such as the Hiawatha or 400, may have manned a busy interlocking tower, or generated waybills in the yard office. Even for Asa Packer, the accomplishment of the Lehigh Valley Railroad must have been remarkable to him, given the fact that not even forty-years prior, people were still skeptical about the efficacy of railroads. Photograph by Donald W. Furler, Furler-12-021-01 . Conrail was operating the Rochester branch at this time. Two types of rosters have survived: official rosters (railroad-generated), and advertising rosters (privately-published, based on railroad-generated data). Wrecks, Also see: Against the background of Lehigh Valley Railroad's main shops in Sayre, Pa., a grimy A-B-A trio of Alco FAs is ready to head east on Nov. 10, 1963. Eighteen of the 28 were the famous "pups" that operated on the Hazleton branch. There is a chance the LV could have survived if it had been included as part of initial efforts to create more competition against Conrail. That gal handing the rail was the truck drivers girlfriend. Lehigh Valley Railroad local RM-2 passing through Mendon, NY on March 4, 1974. List of Railroad Employees With their years and location of service. The branch to Rochester also connected here. Photographer unknown. * If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download a free copyhere. Lehigh Valley Railroad Quaker Interlocking, Quaker Meeting House Road, Mendon, NY, view to the east, June 21, 1977. Train is Eastbound. View is railroad west, and the tracks were gone on the other side of Plains Road by this time. The approach trestles are gone. The sun was low in a hazy sky, so Paul Templeton lined it up with the empty signal. Here is a photo that depicts A&K pulling rail from the trestle that led up to the bridge that went over the Erie Railroad, Genesee River, and Pennsylvania Railroad on the Lehigh Valley mainline. Another source of railroad magazines online is available from the Springfield-Greene County Library. The tracks went on top of the bridge, not through it like it is now. . Lehigh Valley Railroad w/b train meeting AP-2 at Quaker Interlocking. Green Mountain & Berkshire. 1875-1927, includes views of the Lehigh Valley Railroad. Taken two months before the end of the LV. Now part of the Lehigh Valley Trail. June 21, 1977. This Pier Station had a full length covered pier, and carfloats would be moored directly to the pier for the loading and unloading of freight directly from the freight cars into and out of the pier shed. Rochester Junction is about a mile past the signals. It was one of the major anthracite railroads and formed a . The Delaware, Lehigh, Schuylkill and Susquehanna Railroad Company was authorized by the State of Pennsylvania on April 21, 1846, and incorporated on September 20, 1847. Date unknown. 2 would be out of service. Home Site Map Search Contact Lehigh Valley Railroad. The system had been designed to 6-foot, "broad gauge" (or "Erie gauge" as it liked to say) believing that it held advantages in safety, increased tonnage, and as a deterrent against interchange. DieselSteamElectric The building on the left is the saw mill, relocated from its original location. The Lehigh Valley had 27 EMD SW8's, the largest population of a single diesel model on the LV. LVRR crossing in Mendon. Back to home page Return to top. Lehigh Valley Railroad Rochester Jct. 251 in Mendon, NY on October 25, 1973. Conrail had not started to pull up the tracks yet. Required fields are marked *. 1) The Company. Included in the sale was the saw mill for which the road was named. Once this very hard, clean-burning product was discovered many individuals put projects into motion for its transportation to the Northeast's great metropolitan regions as a source of heating fuel. Shot of ex Lehigh Valley Railroad Rochester Junction on August 14, 1978. Lehigh Valley Alco 217 with train RM-1 at Rochester Junction, Fall 1973. A popular pastime for many is studying and/or exploring abandoned rights-of-way. Roughly a month after this photo was taken, The Lehigh Lehigh Valley Railroad would shut down forever and faded into history. Ancestry.com and our loyal RootsWeb community. Author's collection. This Missouri library has an extensive collection of on-line local history, including the Frisco Railroad employee magazine in PDF format. Eastbound Lehigh Valley RR train passing through Mendon, NY, mid-September 1973. This picture is looking south across Bull Saw Mill Road. Veterans in this context does not mean former members of the Armed Forces, but rather railroad employees with (usually) 20 or more years of service. Tearing up the tracks at Quaker interlocking, December 1976. The new two-story station was a brick . Rochester Junction 1970s. However, had this occurred more of the LV may have remained in service than what was utilized under Conrail. The site requires that you be a registered user, and it's easy to register. If you look closely, you can see the interlocking signals, all red, at Quaker interlocking, which is by the curve. Lehigh Valley RM1 at Rochester Junction, Winter 1974. Reproduction or redistribution in any form without express written permission is It is believed that they made a set out at the Junction. Unfortunately, that's a tough question to answer. Goodwin Railroad. A&K Pettibone at the Lehigh Valley Railroad West Bloomfield road grade crossing in Mendon NY. Lehigh Valley (10) Linde (12) LLPX Leasing (3) LMSX Leasing (2) Locomotive Leasing Companies (43) Locomotive Sill Stripes - Full Length (2) Locomotive Sill Stripes - Short (4) . Lehigh Valley PA-1 #604 heads off to the scrapper as it departs Sayre, Pennsylvania behind an SW1 on October 4, 1963. I have completed indexing the entire 660 issue run of Eries and the database of employees is now over 250,000. 5/22/1973. Lehigh Valley Railroad westbound at the Route 64 grade crossing in Mendon, NY. Lehigh Valley westbound freight passing the canopies at Rochester Junction, looking east. These companies also had corporate magazines, although the purpose of most was to promote the current product line. Lehigh Valley GP9 #300; October, 1968. Lehigh Valley RR train AP-2 crossing Old Dutch Road east of Mendon, NY on January 9, 1974. View is railroad east. The Lehigh Valley's control by the Packer family was short-lived after Asa's death. Rush-Mendon Road in Mendon, looking east. Links are provided to articles on modeling specific freight cars which can be found in the Modeling Freight Cars pages. Lehigh Valley Railroad, Reading Company . Westbound view of Rochester Junction, 1930s. Jersey City - Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania - Buffalo/Niagara Falls, New York, Mountain Top - Avoca - Pittston Junction, Pennsylvania, Sayre, Pennsylvania - Fair Haven, New York, Penn Haven Junction - Hazleton - Mt. Notice the man on the second telegraph pole. Rochester Jct. Train has just crossed Route 251 and is Eastbound. This database contains accident reports for all U.S. railroads in PDF and HTML formats (caution: the HTML versions contain numerous scanning errors due to the quality of the originals) from 1911 to 1960. Information from both types of rosters are included on the Erie Railroad page, and some others are referenced in the links below. Asa Packer: (New York - Pittston/Hazleton), The John Wilkes: (New York - Pittston/Hazleton). Eastbound; about to cross old Dutch road. The house behind the locomotive is now Benicasa hospice house. About this page: This list compiles occupation and service lists as found in other sources, with the goal of being able to search and cross-reference the names to see all the places where one person served. Conrail local EX-1 working at ex Lehigh Valley Railroad Rochester Jct. A related industry that is also ripe for research is the locomotive builders. This is part of the Lehigh Valley Trail. LV Station looking west at Rochester Junction. LEHIGH VALLEY RAILROAD 1966 Enroute to Manchester, we first encountered the Lehigh Valley at Victor, NY. Double headed signal on the left is now erected at the Lehigh Valley Veterans park in Manchester, NY. More are always being added. It is widely recognized as one of the top colleges in the country and perennially ranks as one ofU.S. News & World Report's "Best Colleges," usually among the top 50 nationally. They were equipped. Lehigh Valley 311-406-310 in Victor 2/17/1972. No train, No tracks, No signals or relay cabinet. A&K Salvage crew picking up ties in Mendon, NY on the Lehigh Valley right of way, summer 1979. This article is converted from Wikipedia: Lehigh and Hudson River Railway. In 1934, five heavier 4-8-4s were delivered by Baldwin as dual purpose locomotives. Would guess early 1950s. time on what were essentially local feeder lines to the Erie mainline; they were built to the Lehigh Valley Railroad Quaker Meeting House Road July, 1977. As with other equipment, its up to the individual modeler to decide how much accuracy is good enough. My own approach is to find out what needs to be done to make a really accurate representation, then weigh the cost in time and money against the impact each change will have when the car is seen on the layout. Finally, in 1899 it opened direct rail service to the Hudson River and later built a major waterfront terminal which sat on the northern side of CNJ's Jersey City Terminal. Train was headed back to Manchester from Rochester Junction. The Easton/Phillipsburg area remained an important interchange location where the LV; Central Railroad of New Jersey; Lehigh & Hudson River; Pennsylvania (Bel-Del Division); and Delaware, Lackawanna & Western all met. The Locomotive has just crossed over a small bridge the Boy Scouts refurbished some years back. Free shipping for many products! Although Mikado no. Train has just crossed Route 251. This still stands and is now a private home. Freight Train Schedules, transcribed from ETT #2, 9-27-53(8K PDF file*) Source: Ralph Heiss, Freight Train Schedules, 1-27-1955 (68K PDF file*) Source: PSA MG-274**, Freight Train Schedules, 6-16-1955 (63K PDF file*) Source: PSA MG-274**, Freight Train Schedules, transcribed from ETT #5, 10-28-56(9K PDF file*) Source: Ralph Heiss, Freight Train Schedules, from ETT #7, 10-25-1959(170K PDF file*) Source: Ed Schaller, Freight Train Schedules, late 1963-66 (129K PDF file*) Source: Jim Kerner, Freight Train Schedules, from ETT #9, 10-27-1968(114K PDF file*) Source: Lou Millan, Freight Train Schedules, 1-28-1970 (580K PDF file*) Source: PSA MG-274**, Freight Train Schedules, 7-22-1974 (648K PDF file*) Source: PSA MG-274**, Freight Train Schedules, 7-10-1975 (792K PDF file*) Source: Glenn Fisher. Pump house and tower can be seen in this photo. And by 1879, the Lehigh Valley Railroad Company's capital was $53 million dollars and carried 4.36 million tons of coal per year. LV Diesel Roster | LH&R Roster In the mid-1800s many people were starting to . So, its motto, Route Of The Black Diamond, With the success of the Lehigh Valley, Packer became a multi-millionaire and donated 115 acres in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania along with $500,000 to construct an institution of higher learning in the field of engineering. An index of the early RRB records which are now in the National Archives is available from the Midwest Genealogical Center. |Black Diamond by Phil Paone Lehigh Valley railroad looking East at Rochester Junction, 1973. Cars were going to concerns in Honeoye Falls and Lima. A&K Railroad materials truck removing rail from the Lehigh Valley Genesee River bridge at Wadsworth Junction, Rush NY, December 1977. Lehigh Valley eastbound heading out of Quaker Interlocking, 01/01/75. I have done some limited investigations into resources over the past 10 years, and there appears to be little out there that has been indexed and is readily available. Building behind the train was an ice house. Meyer Pearlman photo. The line later expanded past Allentown to Lehigh Valley Terminal in Buffalo and past Easton to New York City, bringing the Lehigh Valley Railroad to these metropolitan areas. 2 track. The LV has also gained quite a following by those who study the industry; it utilized an interesting variety of paint schemes while providing services ranging from rural branch lines to hotshot, time freights. Lehigh Valley Railroad local RM-2 passing through Mendon, NY heading east back to Manchester. LV System Map April 6, 1976. Resources available to us in the 21st Century tend to vary in quantity and quality depending on the railroad in question. Additional information/updates by: Martin Baumann and Joseph O'Mara Lehigh Valley Railroad at Rochester Junction, NY 11/7/1971. You can see the 3 track bridge over Honeoye Creek, which still stands, in the background. Westbound Lehigh Valley freight crossing Plains Road at Rochester Junction, early 1970s. One of the B&O's original streamliners, the Abraham Lincoln, operated during its brief ownership of the Alton Railroad in the Midwest. It is believed that the box car was loaded with company material from Tifft Terminal. Each of these photographs is from a location along what is, today, the Lehigh Valley Trail. Your email address will not be published. This article briefly highlights where you can take a train in Indiana to view the fall colors each autumn. Lehigh Valley Railroad 4-6-2 K-6B steam locomotive 2097 decorated for the railroad's centennial and leading the second section of train 9, the "Black Diamond," with ten cars past the interlocking tower at Treichler, a railroad location in North Whitehall Township, Pennsylvania, on April 20, 1946.

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